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Welcome to Devbhoomi Adventure Activities & Sports | Jim Corbett National Park

Welcome to Devbhoomi Outdoor Adventure

    The 'Devbhoomi Outdoor Adventure' is situated in Dhikuli, Ramnagar, which is widely known for Jim Corbett National Park. Devbhoomi Outdoor Adventure is the only adventure park near Jim Corbett National Park, it has everything to keep you excited with its various adventure activities for individuals as well as for groups.
    Our equipment's are sourced from the world's leading manufactures to ensure top class safety standards and all the adventure activities are conducted by trained experts and professionals, to ensure that your trust and confidence builds with us.

    Devbhoomi Outdoor Adventure has multiple individual and group adventure activities.

    Make sure you don't miss the Wall Climbing, Wall Rappelling, ZipLine, Commando & Tyre Net, Water Roller, Pressure Rocket, Lawn Zorb, Pressure Rocket, Water Zorb, Burma Bridge, PLand & Zig-Zag Bridge which are our highlights. Every single person will go back with the belief that nothing is impossible when you see the increase in bonding and team building. So, enjoy

Adventure Activities at Jim Corbett National Park

Avail exciting offers this season and make the most of your time at Devbhoomi Adventure Activities & Sports at Jim Corbett National Park.

Wall Climbing, Adventure Activities & Sports in Jim Corbett National Park India

Wall Climbing

Try wall climbing for the first time. Sample the vertical world and get a bird's eye view of life. Get scared and have fun at the same time. Come on out and see what the attraction is.

Price : ₹ 300 / -

Wall Rappelling, Adventure Activities & Sports in Jim Corbett National Park India

Wall Rappelling

It is a technical activity. Means to say descending on any rock with out any help. Rappelling is an integral part of climbing, yet is probably the most taken for granted aspect of the entire endeavor.

Price : ₹ 300 / -

Zipline, Adventure Activities & Sports in Jim Corbett National Park India


A zip-line consists of a pulley suspended on a cable, usually made of stainless steel, mounted on an incline. It is designed to enable a user propelled by gravity to travel from the top to the bottom of the inclined cable by holding on to, or attaching to, the freely moving pulley.

Price : ₹ 400 / -

Commando & Type Net, Adventure Activities & Sports in Jim Corbett National Park India

Commando & Type Net

One of the very famous activity among army. Here is a wall of net almost 15 feet high which has to be climbed first and then has to be descended from the other side, and all in 10 seconds. Okay, this is how we do it army style. You can take your time to do this one. But not when someone challenges you to do it faster than him/her. So be ready to accept the challenge.

Price : ₹ 200 / -

Water Roller, Adventure Activities & Sports in Jim Corbett National Park India

Water Roller

Site Instructed A large inflatable tube provides a dry atmosphere when inside. Try and walk on water like a hamster! The tube is tethered to allow easy retrieval. 5 minutes maximum inside. Safe but fun when you try to test your sense of balance and control.

Price : ₹ 200 / -

Pressure Rocket, Adventure Activities & Sports in Jim Corbett National Park India

Pressure Rocket

This is a fun game mainly aimed at small kids and young adult . Here the participant is given the feeling of flying in the air . Young adults up to 60 Kg can also participate. It has got 2 compartments. One comprise of the base while the other compartment comprise the upper tomb to which the harness are tide.

Price : ₹ 300 / -

Lawn Zorb, Adventure Activities & Sports in Jim Corbett National Park India

Lawn Zorb

Zorb is a land based game where 2 balls are tied one inside the other by ropes. The diameter of the inner ball is 6 feet while the diameter of the outer ball is 12 feet . In this sport 2 persons are buckled inside with a safety harness and rolled down a slope.

Price : ₹ 300 / -

Water Zorb, Adventure Activities & Sports in Jim Corbett National Park India

Water Zorb

It is a spherical transparent ball made of Plastic and which has a airtight and water tight Zip and a nozzle to blow air in. It is used for entertainment or water sport. It needs just one feet of water to operate a water Ball. This sport is well liked and appreciated by people of all ages. It is advisable to use the ride not more than 10 minutes to maintain safe oxygen level.

Price : ₹ 200 / -

Bull Ride, Adventure Activities & Sports in Jim Corbett National Park India

Bull Ride

A mechanical bull, also known as a rodeo bull is a machine that replicates the sensation of riding a bucking animal, such as a rodeo bull or horse popularized by Sherwood Cryer. It is usually powered by a variable-speed electric motor. Padded flooring is often installed around the equipment in order to prevent injury to those thrown off it.

Price : ₹ 300 / -

Kids Paddle Boat, Adventure Activities & Sports in Jim Corbett National Park India

Kids Paddle Boat

These boats are made by plastic, these are imported hand paddle boats . They are a kids delight activities. Between 2 to 15 years kids can be play.

Price : ₹ 200 / -

8 Obstacle Coure, Adventure Activities & Sports in Jim Corbett National Park India

8 Obstacle Coure

Participate in a fun and challenging obstacle course to test your ability to handle these challenges.
The course includes obstacles like the Plank Bridge, the Zig Zag Bridge, the Balance Beam, the Hanging Tunnel, the Burma Bridge, the Block Bridge, the Tyre Bridge and the Commando Jump.

Price : ₹ 400 / -

Free Fall, Adventure Activities & Sports in Jim Corbett National Park India

Free Fall

Under the guidance of professional experts, gear up with a safety harness on a height suspended through a cord. On the ground, right beneath you, there will lie a huge air bag. Flung onto the air on support of the harness and cord and gliding through the air, safely land on the air bag below. Ensuring the world-class safety measures, fall freely through the air.

Price : ₹ 300 / -

Bungee Run, Adventure Activities & Sports in Jim Corbett National Park India

Bungee Run

This is a sport where a elastic cord/ bungee cord is tied to the hip of the participant through a harness. Here the participant runs towards the exit to place or pluck an object placed strategically . As soon as the participant nears the place of exit , the cord pulls the participant back with a jerk . This is an interesting game where it requires strength and energy , hence appreciated by young adults.

Price : ₹ 200 / -

Bungee Trampoline, Adventure Activities & Sports in Jim Corbett National Park India

Bungee Trampoline

This is a sport where a participant is made to jump in the air with the help of elastic / Bungee cords attached to a motor. It is primarily targeted at kids aged between 7 to 15 years. The maximum suggested weight is 60 Kg . It is a very thrilling game for the kids , as they are made to jump almost 15 ft in air.

Price : ₹ 300 / -

Human Gyro, Adventure Activities & Sports in Jim Corbett National Park India

Human Gyro

Have you ever dreamed of discovering the thrill of riding through outer space? The great news is that now you don't need to join the crew of a space rocket to have this experience, because you can get a taste of zero gravity just by taking a ride in a Human Gyroscope. It's built from three concentric rings, the human gyroscope gives riders the chance to spin on different axes, giving a feeling of weightlessness and floating through space.

Price : ₹ 300 / -

Gun Shooting, Adventure Activities & Sports in Jim Corbett National Park India

Gun Shooting

A shooting sport is a competitive sport involving tests of proficiency (accuracy and speed) using various types of guns such as firearmsand airguns. The shooting sports are categorized by the type of firearm, targets, and distances at which the targets are shot.

Price : ₹ 200 / -

Archery, Adventure Activities & Sports in Jim Corbett National Park India


Archery is the practice or skill of using a bow to propel arrows. Historically, archery has been used for hunting and combat. In modern times, it is mainly a competitive sport and recreational activity.

Price : ₹ 200 / -

Pakcages of Devbhoomi Outdoor Adventure Activities

Regular Adventure Package in Jim Corbett National Park India

Regular Adventure Package

View Activities
  1. 8 Obsacle Course
  2. 200 mtr. zip line
  3. 36 ft. wall climbing / rappelling

Price : ₹ 700 / -

Extreme Adventure Package in Jim Corbett National Park India

Extreme Adventure Package

View Activities
  1. 8 Obsacle Course
  2. 200 mtr. zip line
  3. 36 ft. wall climbing / rappelling
  4. free fall/ trampoline
  5. tyre & commando net

Price : ₹ 900 / -

Jumbo Adventure Package in Jim Corbett National Park India

Jumbo Adventure Package

View Activities
  1. 8 Obsacle Course
  2. 200 mtr. zip line
  3. 36 ft. wall climbing / rappelling
  4. free fall
  5. trampoline
  6. bull ride/ human gyro ride
  7. tyre & commando net

Price : ₹ 1400 / -

Kids Adventure Package in Jim Corbett National Park India

Kids Adventure Package

View Activities
  1. Water zorb/ water roller
  2. bungee run
  3. paddle boat
  4. tyre & commando net

Price : ₹ 500 / -

About Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is one of the most celebreated wildlife reserve in India. This park is spread in Nanital, Pauri and Almora district. Corbett National Park is an amazing blend of high hills, swamp, River side belts and green meadows covering an area of 522 lilometers at the foot hills of the greate himalayas and this makes the park a heaven for wildlife adventures lovers. This park is famous for variety of rare flora, wild animals, reptiles and birds species. A pathway adorn with mango orchards leads one into a complete different world housing a record number of 488 different species of plants and 580 birds type. Moreover a plethora of 25 reptile species and 50 species of mammals are reasons enough to go personal with this wonderland. Visitors are allowed May to June to visit Corbett National Park.
The park was then named as the 'Hailey National Park' and was later renamed as 'Corbett National Park' after James Edward Corbett the noted hunter turned conservationist of the area. The area came under 'Project Tiger' in 1971 when Gov. of India launched this ambitious conservation project. Jim Corbett National Park, which is a part of the larger Corbett Tiger Reserve, a Project Tiger Reserve lies in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. The magical landscape of Corbett is well known and fabled for its tiger richness. Established in the year 1936 as Hailey National Park, Corbett has the glory of being India's oldest and most prestigious National Park. It is also being honored as the place where Project Tiger was first launched in 1973. This unique tiger territory is best known as the father who gave birth of the Project Tiger in India to protect the most endangered species and the Royal of India called Tigers.

Spans over an extent of 520 square kilometers, its whole area comprises of hills, marshy depressions, riverine belts, grasslands and large lake. It is among the few tiger reserves in India that allows overnight stays in the lap of the National Park. Nature watch and wildlife viewing in the park is done in an open four wheeler Jeep and on elephant back. Sheltering a healthy population of tigers and rare species like Otters and the endemic fish eating crocodile, the national park is one of the most sought after destinations for the wildlife buffs. Dhikala, situated at the border of the extensive Patil Dun valley, is the most popular destination in Corbett because of its superb location and sheer abundance of wildlife present.

Today after addition of areas into the originally declared National Park, the total area of Tiger Reserve extends 1288.31 sq. kms spreading over three districts of Uttarakhand viz., Pauri, Nainital and Almora. Corbett National Park covers an area of 521 sq. km and together with the neighboring Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary and Reserve Forest areas, forms the Corbett Tiger Reserve. Geographically it is located between the Shiwalik Himalayas and the terai. The streams, rivers and ridges crisscrossing the terrain, present Corbett with a remarkable variety of landscapes. This vivid mosaic of habitats wet and dry, plain and mountainous, gentle and rugged, forests and grasslands supports numerous plant and animal species, representing Himalayan as well as plains ecosystem. The most famous of Corbett's wild residents are the Royal Bengal Tiger and the Asiatic Elephant. In addition to that with over 550 species of avifauna Corbett is one of the richest bird regions of the Country and has been declared as an 'Important Bird Area' (IBA) by Birdlife International.

If you love bird watching then Corbett is virtual haven for such tourists. Corbett and its adjoining area is a home to more than 650 species of residents and migratory birds. Particularly Dhikala is fine place to look for birds of prey, more than over 50 species of raptors alone shows the healthy biodiversity of the area. Their multiplex behavior is intriguing and their varied songs are very much pleasing to the ear. In a nutshell, this finest national park of India is well known for rich and varied wildlife including royal Bengal tiger, elephant, four to five species of deer and rich birdlife.

How to Reach Jim Corbett National Park
Ramnagar is perhaps the best approach to the Corbett National Park which forms the headquarters of CTR. This small city is well connected by road and rail network with major cities of India like Delhi, Moradabad, Nainital and Bareilly. Once you reach Ramnagar, then it takes only half an hour to reach Corbett National Park. The park is around 15 Kms from Ramnagar railway station.

By Road: Ramnagar has a very good network of road that connects the different cities. The Corbett National Park is situated at an approximate surface distance of 260 Kilometer from India's national capital Delhi. The state government of Uttarakhand plies buses at a short interval of time from Delhi, Moradabad, Haldawani, and Nainital that reaches Corbett directly.

By Rail: The railway station in Ramnagar receives trains from different major cities of India like Delhi, Moradabad and Bareilly. A direct train to Ramnagar runs from Delhi. You can check out for Ranikhet Express, Corbett Link Express and Kathgodam Express that takes you directly to Ramnagar.

Distance of Jim Corbett National Park from Major Cities:

  • Delhi: Delhi - Moradabad - Kashipur - Ramnagar (260 Kms)
  • Nainital: Via Kaladhungi to Ramnagar (62 Kms)
  • Lucknow: Lucknow - Bareilly - Kicha - Rudrapur - Kashipur - Ramnagar (436 km)
  • Dehradun : Dehradun - Ramnagar (232 km)